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We have a few questions prior to your private viewing:

We are thrilled to be able to offer private inspections at COVID-19 Alert Level 3. Due to the restrictions from the Government and advice from the REA & REINZ, we require the following information to be completed by anyone inspecting, prior to confirming private inspections at any of our properties.

This is so we can ensure that we not only comply with the legal requirements under Level 3 but also to assist in keeping everyone safe by reducing contact and confirming all necessary details we would normally get at the viewing ahead of time. Please note that Government requirements for such private viewings may change in the future, we will keep you updated at all times.

At this stage, private viewings are restricted to two private viewings per property per day. In order for us to prioritise attendees who wish to view the property, please answer the following questions. You will receive an email with options for viewing this specific property and further information about the process in which you will be required to adhere to.

Due to the restriction on viewings there may not be much flexibility in your viewing opportunities, we'll do our best to meet your needs and that of our sellers. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Private Viewing Questionnaire

To enable us to assist you as best we can, please provide us with as much information as you can.

First Name *
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Phone Number *
Email Address *
Address *
Address of the Property you wish to view *
Number of People Attending Viewing (Max. 2 from same bubble) *
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Has anyone attending the inspection: *
Additional Comments
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REINZ Requirements - Property Inspections

Open Homes & Private Viewings

  • No open homes
  • Utilise online viewing methods (virtual tours, video conferencing software) where possible
  • Private viewings strictly by appointment only and with the consent of the client and property occupants/ tenants
  • Attendees to be prequalified to ensure only serious buyers attend private viewings
  • Viewings can only occur when the tenants are not present in the home. If the tenants will not or cannot leave property, the private viewing must not take place
  • Maximum of 2 private viewings per day. Maximum of two people from the attendee’s ‘extended bubble’ to attend a private viewing and maximum of one property manager
  • Vacant properties to be treated the same as if the property is occupied
  • Client/occupants/ tenants to leave premises while viewing takes place. If the client/occupants/tenants will not or cannot leave property, the private viewing must not take place
  • The private viewing must be contactless. To enable this, the property manager is to open any doors/ cupboards before the viewing
  • Pre-register all private viewing attendees including names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses to assist with contact tracing
  • All attendees to be emailed COVID-19 information beforehand, including hygiene expectations
  • Information to include instructions that the private viewing is ‘contactless’ and surfaces, doors, cupboards cannot be touched by attendees
  • Only one licencee to attend a private viewing
  • Display COVID-19 information and hygiene notices at property
  • No private viewings at properties where the client/ occupants have been unwell with flu like symptoms, are self-isolating or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the previous 14 days
  • No private viewings in homes where the occupants are high risk (e.g. elderly, pre-existing medical conditions)
  • Those feeling unwell, who are self-isolating or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 may not attend the viewing
  • High risk people should be discouraged from attending viewings (e.g. those over 70 or those with other existing medical conditions)
  • People cannot travel inter-regionally to view properties

  • Maximum of 2 private viewings per day
  • One private viewing at a time. Viewings to be spaced sufficiently apart to allow time for sanitising after each viewing, as required, and to ensure there is no contact between attendees
  • Maximum of two people from the attendee’s ‘extended bubble’ to attend a private viewing and maximum of one licencee
  • Attendees to wait in their vehicles until licencee advises they can enter, to ensure that there is no contact between attendees
  • Shoes removed prior to entry
  • Property manager to remind attendees that viewing is contactless and to not touch surfaces
  • Physical distancing of 2m to be maintained at all times
  • Hand sanitiser to be available for use by all attendees entering and exiting property
  • Keep private viewings very brief.

  • Sanitise any areas attendees may have accidentally touched
  • Use a product that is anti-viral and follow instructions
  • Retain attendance registers in case they are requested by Worksafe or Ministry of Health.

    Rental Viewings

  • Negotiating and executing agreements must be contactless.
  • Agreements cannot be negotiated or executed in person and must be explained over the telephone or via virtual methods.
  • Agreements can be drawn up and executed via online methods, or via courier.

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